Food Safety Auditing

Our entry into the food safety auditing field began with our introduction to the Primus Labs system in 1999. Since then, our auditing staff, consisting of Galen Frantz and Steve Hoak (based in southwest and north Florida, respectively), has performed well over 2,000 audits of farming operations, greenhouses, and harvesting operations ranging from mechanical harvesting of snap beans to cored and washed bulk-packed iceberg lettuce with controlled atmosphere cold storage. Facility audits have covered a similarly wide range of operations, including packinghouses, processing facilities, cooling/cold storage and distribution centers.

Depending on our clients’ needs, our staff performs first-, second-, or third-party audits. Our third party audits are subcontracted through Primus Labs, and have been critical for growers and packers to meet their customers’ certification demands. We take these third party audits extremely seriously especially considering what is at stake should one of the audited commodities be involved in a recall or disease outbreak!

We take equal pride in our first- and second-party audits, which are performed directly for growers and/or packers, and which are powerful tools for maintaining quality within an operation and among a facility’s suppliers. Many of these types of audits are performed as part of our educational programs and food safety program implementation efforts.

We currently audit against the “standard” GAP and GMP standards, but are certified to perform HACCP audits as well. We are working toward certification to audit under the Global Food Safety Initiative benchmarked auditing schemes. We have undergone the prerequisite training for lead auditors under ISO 9001: 2008, and will complete the certification process in the very near future.