Our History

Glades Crop Care, Inc.:

  • Incorporated in 1972 by Madeline Mellinger
  • Provides IPM (integrated pest management) service covering over 65,000 acres
  • Works with more than 60 fresh vegetable crops, plus additional citrus, rice, and sugarcane acreage. These crops are grown primarily in Florida; a subtropical climate conducive to intensive insect, disease, and nematode management challenges
  • Worked in 17 states and 3 countries
  • Is independent and privately owned; we do not sell or represent any commercial products. Recommendations of products are generically based whenever possible
  • 2 clients have used GCC for 50 years
  • 30 clients have used GCC for 10+ years
  • 83.3% of clients renewed contracts with GCC in 2021
  • Charter member of the EPA’s Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program
  • Has completed applied research with the Small Business Innovation Research, the FDA and EPA.  Examples of our grants include:
    • Development of an improved crop scouting technique incorporating multi-spectral imaging
    • Moving towards implementation of the Decision Support System to increase efficacy of management of late blight on tomato and potato in Florida