Our Staff

Madeline Mellinger

H. Charles Mellinger, Ph.D.

Glades Crop Care staff:

  • Management team averages 29 years of in-field crop health management decisions with growers; 27.6 years with GCC
  • Field staff averages more than 17 years of agricultural experience; 8.5 years with GCC
    • 87% have been state certified
    • 93% have degrees, and of those with degrees, 85% have a degree in biology, agriculture, or environment
  • Averages 18.6 years in the agriculture industry; 11.2 years with GCC

Each of our staff members is required to sign a Trade Secret and Confidentiality Agreement. This agreement assures that our clients will be provided peace of mind in knowing that any information they share with our staff members regarding their business will not be discussed with other clients or any other outside entity.