Our Staff

Glades Crop Care prides itself on the high quality of its staff and their work. Each employee is a trained professional and is expected to maintain the high standard of work that clients of GCC have come to know. Employees are knowledgeable of the latest developments in the agricultural consulting profession and in germane research findings through the Company’s membership in the NAICC.

The staff at GCC strives to perform its field work with the highest possible standards of accountability, responsibility, hard work, and pride. The Company is proud of its staff and, equally so, the many clients it has served since 1972.

Each of our staff members is required to sign a Trade Secret and Confidentiality Agreement. This agreement assures that our clients will be provided peace of mind in knowing that any information they share with our staff members regarding their business will not be discussed with other clients or any other outside entity.

Madeline Mellinger

H. Charles Mellinger, Ph.D.