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Glades Crop Care is the first company to develop and publish a professional scouting program for Carinata


Additionally, Glades Crop Care was the first to discover:

Asian Bean Thrips: First Continental find (in beans: Florida)
Thrips palmi: First Caribbean find (in peppers & tomato blooms: Puerto Rico)
Thrips palmi: First Continental find (on Spanish Needles [Bidens Pilosa]: Florida)
Thrips palmi: New County record (in cucumbers: Collier County, Florida)
Groundnut Ringspot Virus: First U.S. find (in peppers: Florida)
Tomato Chlorotic Spot Virus: First U.S. find (in tomatoes: Florida)
Tar Spot Disease: First Florida find (in sweet corn: Palm Beach County, Florida)
Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus resistant breaking strain: First U.S. find (in tomatoes: California)
Tomato Mottle Virus: First U.S. find (in tomatoes: Florida)
Two additional weed host reservoirs for TCSV (Puerto Rico)
Alternaria petroselini: First U.S. find (in parsley: Palm Beach County, Florida)
Organothrips indicus (thrips): on cat tail, first records for Florida and the Western Hemisphere
Organothrips indicus (thrips): on water hyacinth, first record for Florida and the Western Hemisphere
Ballus cinctipes (a salticid): New County record (Indian River County, Florida)
Lebbeck Mealybug (in Florida)
Tar Spot: First Florida find (in sweet corn: in Florida)
BRNV on Parthenium 
Ilarvirus (tobacco streak) on Homestead tomatoes
HLB in Martin County
Psyllids in a commercial grove in Palm Beach 



GCC was instrumental to the Food Safety Initiative project funded by the Florida Fruit and Vegetable Association with the development of a Food Safety Toolkit.  We introduced over 300 farming entities to the principals of food safety—at no charge to the farming community!