THRIPS Knowledgebase

This is a computerized, hypertext knowledgebase of nine major species of thrips in the United States and a main predator, the minute pirate bug. (Description, Introduction, Methodology) It provides information on identification, life cycle, biology, scouting, and control. The hypertext format enables the user to quickly access the desired information without being hampered by a tree-like structure.

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  • Keyboard and/or mouse driven
  • Linked buttons and hypertext takes user from one screen to another for more information, definitions, and graphics.
  • Easy, online species identification
  • User has ability to add and edit new information and leave bookmarks.
  • Text printing capability
  • Consistent source of information
  • Available 24 hours a day

For more information on the availability of this knowledgebase, contact:

Charles Mellinger