Scouting & Consulting

Accurate Observations with On-time Delivery

Glades Crop Care, Inc. (GCC) provides well-trained, certified scouts to investigate all aspects of your field operations. Each member of the GCC team creates a bi-weekly report based on skilled, science-based observations and diligently delivers the information to the client. Field by field and crop by crop, advanced scouting assessments are prepared and tailored to your specific needs from planting to harvest.

All scouts are cross trained to observe more than just pests and diseases. Food safety, worker safety, and compliance with environmental regulations all are part of the scout’s observations and reporting.

Interpretations by Veterans

Your scouting report provides you with the detail needed for profitable decisions. Glades Crop Care excels at translating raw field data into immediate feedback with dependable interpretations. Every recommended action is designed to take the guesswork out of crop management so you can reach your profit goals.

Moreover, you get a region-based perspective on crop health, a multiplier advantage for your business. Because Glades Crop Care’s clients are located throughout Florida, Georgia, and other Southeastern states, you get information on trends and an “Early Warning System” to address potential problems. Glades Crop Care also gives you the benefit of its affiliations with scientists in such organizations as the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and most U.S. land-grant universities. The power of GCC’s extensive knowledge is available to you to overcome almost any challenge from weather to regulations.

You Reap the Rewards of Our Investment

Your opportunities for future success are increased by Glades Crop Care’s ongoing planning and research.

This includes:

  • Identifying new diseases and pests
  • Preserving beneficials
  • Monitoring populations for resistance
  • Measuring the efficiency and effectiveness of pesticides in your fields
  • Testing materials on GCC’s research farm before they are registered

These are only a few of the actions Glades Crop Care takes to reduce the risks your crops may face and protect your profits.

Glades Crop Care is your strategic partner both in protecting your crop’s health and in delivering more profitable crop management solutions.