Pesticide & Spray Tracking

The volume of paperwork required to grow and harvest a vegetable crop has become enormous! At Glades Crop Care, we believe that records need to do more than simply satisfy a regulation—they must work for you. We feel the pesticide application recording service we provide does exactly that—and more. We have recently upgraded our system to provide the following wide range of features to our clients:

  • Application records are maintained in a secure computerized database, making them easily retrievable.
  • Clients have instant, password-protected access to their records at any time from any Internet connection.
  • Restricted entry and pre-harvest interval reports are generated in a timely manner, allowing you to comply with WPS posting requirements, other regulatory issues, and food safety guidelines.
  • Special reporting features allow you to manage production costs better, by tracking inventories and costs by field, farm, or product.

Our service employs a web-based program, maintained on a secure server at our Jupiter office. The database software is flexible and can be tailored easily to meet your needs. Clients currently using our spray tracking service tell us that it reduces the time they spend on record keeping and the stress of keeping everything up to date and legal. They have found this quick, easy access to the useful up-to-the-minute information to be an important farm management tool that not only helps manage costs but also improves the profitability and sustainability of their farming business.