H. Charles Mellinger, Ph.D.

Dr. Mellinger joined Glades Crop Care in 1980 and is currently Director of Technical Services. He holds a B.A. in Biology from Goshen College, IN and Ph.D. in Botany and Plant Pathology from Michigan State University. He provides over 38 years of experience in applied field research and consulting work in vegetable and field crops, ornamentals, citrus, and sugarcane. Dr. Mellinger has served as Treasurer and Director on the Board of Directors for the National Alliance of Independent Crop Consultants (NAICC) and in many other leadership positions. He has credentials as a Certified Professional Crop Consultant – Independent (CPCC-I) and Certified Professional Plant Pathologist (CPPP).

In addition, and to his credit, Dr. Mellinger has authored or co-authored over thirty (30) scientific publications and numerous presentations to both national and international agencies and forums. Several of Dr. Mellinger’s published works can be found on the Glades Crop Care website. He serves on several local, state, and national committees pertaining to disease, insect and crop advisory boards. Dr. Mellinger is a member of the Entomological Society of America, Florida State Horticultural Society, American Phytopathological Society, the Florida Plant Pathology Society, and several other major industry affiliated organizations.

His industry and service awards include serving as an active contributor on Boards of Directors, being voted “Outstanding Consultant of the Year” in 1998, receiving the “NAICC Extraordinary Service Award,” receiving the USDA Certificate of Appreciation, and the Florida Horticultural Society Presidents’ Industry Award (2 times). Most recently, he was honored with the Excellence in Industry Award from the American Phytopathological Society and several other distinguished industry-accomplishment related awards. He is also a board member of Protected Harvest.

Dr. Mellinger is considered to be one of the most respected individuals in this chosen field of work. He is constantly being called upon to render advice and counsel on critical grower issues to scientific based entities and to the educational community. We have often been told that one of our most valuable assets is Dr. Mellinger’s service to Glades Crop Care, to our valued clients, and to the industry as a whole.